Care Net longs to see teens and young adults live with sexual integrity and wholeness. Our goal is not only to prevent unplanned pregnancy, but to equip women and men of all ages to enjoy fulfilling, lasting relationships, free from the negative physical and emotional consequences of casual sex.

Sexual Risk Avoidance

Care Net PCR provides seminars to schools, churches and other student groups in our community at no cost. We want teens and young adults to have the healthiest and most fulfilling relationships possible. We believe that making wise sexual decisions plays a big part in achieving that goal and that a combination of influences and choices start in the teen years! That is why we seek to support parents/guardians, mentors, youth leaders, and educators of all kinds in their efforts to promote sexual integrity in the lives of the students in their world. Our hope is that we can provide some of the support and influences essential to help your students attain the best relationships possible, both now and in the future!

The schedule can be set up to meet each school's needs; 3 or even 1 class has seen notable benefits.

(Download) our Sexual Risk Avoidance brochure for more  (file not provided)