Our primary focus is to provide a confidential, compassionate setting where women and couples facing unexpected pregnancies find the hope and practical help needed to choose life for their children and themselves. We want people of all ages, from all walks of life, to experience God's love as we walk alongside them in difficult situations no matter what choice they make.


Pregnancy Related services

Our help for women, men and teens facing or at-risk for unplanned pregnancy begins with free pregnancy testing and referral for medical confirmation of pregnancy via ultrasound. The ultrasound also dates the pregnancy, while providing a loving look at the life growing inside the womb. Women who miscarry are offered pregnancy loss support; women who are conflicted about their next step are provided with accurate information about their options, along with support for their partner or parents, and referrals to doctors and hospitals in our community.

Parenting Support

Choosing to continue your pregnancy and to parent your child may feel overwhelming at first, especially if you are uninsured, young or unsupported. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources designed specifically with your situation in mind.

The caring people at Care Net PCR are ready to connect you with these and other helpful services and support:

  • prenatal care referrals
  • childbirth preparation courses
  • relationship counseling and support
  • parenting classes
  • TEEN moms' groups
  • support for dads by male counselors
  • peer counseling for family members
  • spiritual and emotional support
  • free parenting classes - Parent Empowerment Program (PEP)

PEP: Parenting Empowerment Program

Care Net provides you with an opportunity to learn how to be the best parent you can be. We use materials from the Earn While You Learn curriculum, which includes topics from the start of pregnancy through your child's toddler years. Additional materials from the National Fatherhood Initiative, InJoy and other respected parenting organizations provide solid advice on a wide range of challenging subjects, such as potty training, discipline, and parenting teenagers.

Lessons are tailored to the individual needs of each mom, dad or couple we are serving. Many of our peer counselors, instructors, and staff have been in your shoes, and understand some of the challenges you are facing.

You don't need to feel alone as you face your unplanned pregnancy!

Our Material Resources Program offers material support to those who come regularly to Care Net during their pregnancy for counseling, mentoring or educational appointments. The material aid (diapers, baby clothing, and other essentials like car seats) continues until your child turns one, at which point you may still come for peer counseling, but we will refer you to other community resources to help meet other needs. We commit to provide some of the essentials needed to care for your child, in exchange for a commitment from you to become a healthy, prepared parent!

Contact Care Net for more information on current or future new moms' groups, Bible study groups,  and much more! Some groups are available in Spanish. Please call the center to learn more. Contact us to schedule your first appointment.

Relationship Support

Women and men of all ages are offered opportunities to participate in our Sexual Integrity program, which can be tailored to couples' or individual's needs, particularly if someone has experienced past sexual trauma or is struggling with a sexual addiction. For couples coping with an unexpected pregnancy, we seek to improve communication skills so they can co-parent successfully, move toward marriage, or repair a broken relationship.