Baby Bottle Campaign

Baby Bottle Campaign – 
Life is beautiful! Giving all life a chance to live.

What is a Baby Bottle Campaign? It is an amazing opportunity to help raise money for Care Net Pregnancy Center to be able to continue to serve women and familites in crisis. Your loose change can change a life.  Each year there are hundreds in NY without the support to choose life. Your church or school can join us in doing more to serve them effectively. From January through May, churches distribute empty baby bottles wrapped with information about our free, confidential services and their impact, to be returned to Care Net filled with checks, cash, and change – to save and change lives!

Care Net provides the bottles and promotional materials — at no charge — to help your church, school, or small group play a powerful role in bringing love to life.  If there is a better time of year for you to participate in our Baby Bottle Campaign, we will gladly adjust the materials for you. Please call our Main Office at 845-352-6108, or use the form on this page to request bottles or discuss your participation. Thank you!

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